Money Diaries

Money Diaries: Day 1

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8 AM: Wake up feeling great! The first day of a new month is always exciting, out with the old budgets from last month and in with the new month’s budget. A clean slate! I’m excited to bring the lunch I prepped last night to work to save on my Restaurants budget this month.

9 AM: I get to the carpool and realize I left my lunch. Fail. Commute into the city with Casual Carpool. $1

10 AM: Eat cereal and drink coffee provided at work. $0

11 AM: I decide now’s the time to start the blog I always wanted (this blog). I’ve been dilly dallying on this project forever because I haven’t wanted to bite the cost. I add a section for my side hustle to my Mint budget. I spent less than I allotted last month and even with all my allotments I still plan to have $300+ leftover each month just for keeping my checking account topped off after paying off credit cards and transferring the rest to savings.  I buy this domain and hosting — and obsessively double/triple/quadruple check the spelling of ‘millennial’! $95.40 

12 PM: My boyfriend graciously invites me for lunch at his office because they have catering on Mondays. We work across the street from each other so it’s just a minute walk over. $0

6 PM: Took the Transbay Bus back to Oakland which is a 5 minute walk from the office, a 25 minute ride, and drops off a couple minutes from my apartment. Technically I don’t count it as part of my monthly budget since I load my Clipper with my Commuter Check, $70 which is loaded by my company and then $50 pretax from my paycheck. $4.20

9 PM: Boyfriend bought the groceries at Whole Foods. It’s not a Whole Paycheck, but it’s a damn lot of money. We’re still trying to figure out a fair way to split groceries since we eat disproportionate amounts. $45.43

Commute: $5.20
Side Hustle: $95.40
Groceries: $45.43

Total: $146.03

Jing is currently a software engineer based in Oakland, CA. She left her job in New York, moved to San Francisco unemployed, and more than doubled her salary in 4 months.

2 thoughts on “Money Diaries: Day 1

  1. I don’t think if this helps, but Mr. NavigatingAdulthood and I split groceries 2:1. He eats about twice as much as I do and he likes eating meat a lot more than I do [meat is one of the largest components of our grocery budget] so this breakdown works for us. I can eat the same lunch 4 days in a row, but he craves variety [his limit for the same lunch is 2-3 days], so he’s ok with paying a bit more for the variety he’s looking for.

    1. Wow 2:1! We’re currently splitting the meat bill 60/40 and other groceries 50/50. My boyfriend is paleo so he doesn’t eat any carbs which usually means way more meat to compensate. If I were by myself, I’d eat a tiny amount of meat but because it’s there and smells so good I just want to partake!

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