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Money Diaries: Day 3

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8:00 AM: Wake up refreshed! Went to bed early huzzuh!

8:45 AM: Alarm for bringing lunch goes off. Of course today’s the day I had already rsvp’d with my team weeks ago to go out to dim sum. Welp.

9:00 AM: Take casual carpool to work. $1

10:00 AM: Cereal + coffee at work. Realize I got charged for my climbing gym membership. This is partially reimbursed up to $70, but then is taxed once it gets issued in my paycheck. Not counting reimbursements until I get to submitting the expense report for this. So far I haven’t ever missed the window for expensing this. $79

12:00 PM: Dim sum. PRICEY. Since I haven’t actually paid back my coworker yet, I’ll leave this off the total for now. But it’s a pending $25.

4:00 PM: See an ad for Mother’s Day flowers. Shit Mother’s Day is next week! Scour the internet for free shipping/discounts on flowers. I checked out on Proflowers 5 times because they have these terrible coupons that cause you to start from the beginning to see if it applied. In the end it turns out there was no way to get free shipping anyway. My bad for mistaking “Standard Shipping” as “Free Shipping”, but seriously, do people still pay for shipping?! I login to my Shoprunner account which I only use for free shipping on flowers and end up ordering a bouquet through 1-800-flowers. As a side note, free Shoprunner is also the only reason I keep my Amex card open. I google “How much do people spend on Mother’s Day gifts?” and it’s a whopping ~$172. I also opted for Friday delivery instead of paying 4x shipping for Sunday delivery. That just seems practical…Now I feel like a cheap ass. $21.45

7:00 PM: Head out to the climbing gym in the Mission which involves taking BART. This is a great way to hang out with friends who live in SF! Because I generally feel too guilty having people come way out to Oakland to hang out. $1.95

10:00 PM: There’s no way I am commuting 1 – 1.5 hours home at this point. A public transit commute usually involves a 10 minute walk to BART, 15 minute BART ride, 15-30 minute wait for a Transbay Bus, and then 30 minute bus ride across the bay. No thanks…Ride sharing apps take my monies – Lyft Line! $13.40

10:30 PM: Decided to skip dinner because it’s so damn late. $0

Commute: $16.35
Bills + Utilities: $79 (I usually count my climbing gym under Bills, but categorize additional workout classes under Health/Fitness)
Food: $0 (Pending $25)
Shopping: $21.45 (I generally use Shopping as a catch all for anything I purchase)

Total: $116.80

Jing is currently a software engineer based in Oakland, CA. She left her job in New York, moved to San Francisco unemployed, and more than doubled her salary in 4 months.

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