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Money Diaries: Day 4

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9:30 AM: Casual carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Eat a cup of yogurt at the office + a cup of work coffee. $0

12:00 PM: Eat the lunch I brought to the office yesterday. YES! I FINALLY DID IT! I find the easiest lunch is pan searing frozen tilapia, sautéing some spinach, and loading up a side of rice. $0

6:00 PM: Transbay bus commute home. $4.20

7:00 PM: So I’ve been trying to commit more to exploring side hustles, I decided I want to try out some tech service apps. I signed up for Postmates Fleet a few days ago, and I just received my delivery bag and prepaid card in the mail today! I activated my card and ended up accepting a job not far from my apartment. Unfortunately the delivery destination was uphill and it was BRUTAL. After picking up + delivering + riding home (I live at the top of a hill…), I made $4. Not counting this yet since it’s not paid out.

8:00 PM: Dinner at home with the groceries from Monday. $0

Commute: $5.20

Total: $5.20


Jing is currently a software engineer based in Oakland, CA. She left her job in New York, moved to San Francisco unemployed, and more than doubled her salary in 4 months.

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