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Money Diaries: Day 9

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9:30 AM: Barely make it in time for the carpool. I’m taking the red eye to New York tonight and forgot to pack until 9 AM. I’ve become more and more of a light traveler, which also means I’ve become more and more of a last minute packer…$1

1:00 PM: One more day of slumming it during lunch. Buy a pack of ramen from Walgreens and add 2 hard boiled eggs from work. I never actually get sick of this, but as a responsible adult trying to be healthy, this is probably all the MSG I can take for a while. Shockingly this isn’t taxed! $0.99

2:00 PM: Pay my coworker back for dim sum last week. $25

2:30 PM: Realize I got charged for Google Storage last week. I’ll just tally it now. $1.99

6:00 PM: Even though I have a flight to catch, I just can’t help hopping over to the climbing gym for a couple of routes. $3.45

7:30 PM: Lyft line to Oakland Airport. $11.90

8:00 PM: Somehow there’s been a mixup and the Chase flight confirmation they sent was on the wrong date. There isn’t a flight for tonight, the flight was yesterday. Even though the email confirmation says it’s tonight. By a stroke of luck (or possibly…good customer service?!), they’re able to transfer my flight for free to a later flight at SFO.

9:00 PM: Book it to SFO from Oakland. $32.09

10:00 PM: Check in is a breeze because no one flies red eyes on Tuesday nights I guess. Penne pasta at the airport at airport prices. $15.48

Commute: $48.44
Groceries: $0.99
Restaurants: $40.48

Total: $89.91

Jing is currently a software engineer based in Oakland, CA. She left her job in New York, moved to San Francisco unemployed, and more than doubled her salary in 4 months.

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