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App Review: Earny Automatic Price Protection

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My boyfriend and I have been using a little app called Earny the past few weeks, and it’s put quite a few bucks back into our pockets! Many credit cards have a little benefit called Purchase Protection–basically if the price of an item you purchased drops within a 90 day period after your purchase, Purchase Protection promises to refund the difference between what you paid and the new price.

Few of us take advantage of this benefit because honestly, who is constantly refreshing product pages for past purchases and checking for price drops? It’s also always been unclear to me what the formal process is for actually reaching out to your credit card company to submit a claim if you do happen to notice a price drop.

How does Earny work?

Earny automates tracking your purchases and monitoring price drops on your purchases. You do have to provide a lot of your information–email account, Amazon account, and credit card number(s). When it detects a price drop, it alerts you in the app, and submits a claim to your credit card company on your behalf. The claim itself takes a while as it’s being verified by your credit card company, but once it’s gone through, you’ll receive a check in the mail.

Earny Refund Flow

I think the most confusing thing about Earny was their refund flow. Sometimes when I opened the app, it would tell me I was getting money back, but it was very unclear when the money would actually be received.

  1. Earny imports all your purchases
  2. Purchases that are still the same price are labeled “Tracking”, these purchases are being monitored for price drops
  3. When Earny detects a price drop, it will update the label of the purchase to “Claiming $X.XX”
  4. When Earny changes the status to “Refunded $X.XX”, your claim for that purchase has been approved by your credit card company
  5. Wait for a check in the mail (this may take a few weeks)
    • My letter with the check attached said the claim was filed 4/27/2017, and it looks like the date the letter and check were mailed was 5/5/2017
  6. Earny’s 25% is automatically deducted out of your checking account every month (usually the 10th-15th of every month for me)

Is Earny Free?

Yes, Earny is free to use and download! They do take 25% of any refund they help you claim.


It’s surprising how quickly the prices on items fluctuate! I’ve already received $13 of price refunds, and my boyfriend has received closer to $50! Considering how this is money I wouldn’t even realize I’ve lost, I’m very happy to give 25% of my refund to have their app constantly monitor prices and submit my claims for me.

So far I’ve only been using Earny for my Amazon purchases, which seems to have a different method for monitoring prices, but the app also monitors price drops for items from other retailers. One big reason I’m only having it scan Amazon is because you can only add one email address associated with the account, but I use a newer email for my other online purchases. I really hope they’ll be adding a multi-email address feature in the future!

Their refund process is a bit confusing and not obvious. The most confusing part of my experience with the app was how to actually receive the refund after Earny alerted me. I just received 3 checks in the mail yesterday a few weeks after they first alerted me about my refund, but I couldn’t locate this info on their FAQ page.

I can’t complain–the app is free! I would highly recommend you give them a try! Note: the links I provided to Earny are my personal referral link which give me 5% of your refund, but I have no affiliation with the company

Take a look at their app explanation here:

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