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Money Diaries: June Week 3

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9:00 AM: The cafe we go to is usually closed on Mondays, so I struggle to have productive blog time on Mondays. Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: You know it, cereal at work! $0

2:30 PM: 50% off lunch at the deli. So sad my favorite hunan beef is all gone so I have to get 4 days worth of chicken and tilapia instead. Now that I think about it, fish is much lighter! $10.93

6:00 PM: Bus home. $4.20

7:00 PM: Book a Gig with my credit to Whole Foods. $0

8:00 PM: Groceries from Whole Foods. We had to pick up some bones for our weekly bone broth since the Farmer’s Market didn’t have any over the weekend. $9.96

9:00 PM: Dinner at home. $0

Commute: $5.20
Groceries: $9.96
Restaurants: $10.93

Total: $26.09


7:00 AM: Cafe blog time! My boyfriend and I decided it’s just easier to split our morning coffee purchases. $2.50

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city! $1

11:00 AM: I decide it’s time to finally sign up for my other gym membership. I’ve been wanting to do weight training or do a bit of cardio during lunch. I sign up with the gym 3 blocks from work. The initiation fee is kind of high, but the monthly price is only $10/month. $60.32

12:00 PM: Meet my friend for tea at a teahouse nearby. Now that her office moved further away, we haven’t seen each other for a while! But luckily she was out running an errand! $3.50

2:00 PM: Lunch leftovers from Monday! $0

6:30 PM: Head over to my friend’s choir practice via BART. $1.95

9:00 PM: Too tired, uber home! But the fare was so high to get back to Oakland it was significantly more than the flat rate 😭 I probably should have BARTed into Oakland than taken a flat fare… $14.64

10:00 PM: Dinner at home! $0

Commute: $17.59
Health and Fitness: $60.32
Restaurants: $6.00

Total: $83.91


7:00 AM: Cafe blog time. I realized I skimped on the taxes last time I paid back my boyfriend. $2.73

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Cereal at work. $0

2:00 PM: Monday leftovers. $0

6:30 PM: Pool over to the climbing gym. Cheaper than BART! HUZZUH! $1.50

9:00 PM: These uber prices are still RIDICULOUS. For some reason when I add a second person onto the pool, the price jumped by $8. How do I dispute this?! Garsh… $7.91

Commute: $10.41
Restaurants: $2.73

Total: $13.14


7:00 AM: Cafe blog time! $2.73

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city! Our driver was nice enough to reject our suggested donation! $0

10:00 AM: Cereal at work 🙂 $0

12:00 PM: Realize I got charged by Earny for the 25% of money they’ve been saving me. $2.62

2:00 PM: Last leftover lunch! $0

3:00 PM: I get all nostalgic over reading Kazuo Ishiguro books. I loved reading The Buried Giant and Never Let Me Go, so I end up ordering Remains of the Day off Amazon. $7.95

6:00 PM: Bus home. $4.20

6:30 PM: I’m in a serious reading funk and end up going to a bookstore near my apartment and getting another book — A Tale for the Time Being. Yes, I paid retail bookstore price! At least it was supporting a local/small businesses! $18.57

8:00 PM: Not feeling great and end up skipping dinner. $0

Commute: $4.20
Restaurants: $2.73
Income: $2.62
Shopping: $26.52

Total: $36.07


9:00 AM: Very tired this morning, end up not going to the cafe and go straight to work. $1

10:00 AM: YOGURT FOR BREAKFAST…omg diversity $0

12:00 PM: On the lunch menu today is chicken and lamb gyros with hummus. The chicken is so well marinated and tender. YUM. $0

2:00 PM: I take a lunchbox full of leftovers for next week from what’s left sitting out up for grabs from lunch…aaand maybe help myself to a second helping while I’m at it… $0

6:00 PM: My boyfriend needs to go pick up his long coveted after airpods at the Apple store. Going for the flat rate uber/BART combo. $1.50 + $3.45

6:30 PM: We want to climb after going to Apple, but unfortunately I forgot to bring leggings. Guh, I’ve done this so many times, but I end up buying leggings at retail price at Gap. I thought there was a 40% off sale, but it turns out it wasn’t on fitness items…and I didn’t want to expend any more mental energy going to another store to try and find another pair. I can’t quite remember how much this was, I ended up putting this on my Gap card which is the only card I’ve forgotten to add to Mint. It was about $40

7:00 PM: Pool over to the climbing gym. $1.50

7:30 PM: Turns out the gym is having a grill out/gear swap event and there are free burgers and hot dogs for members! YAY FREE FREE FREE. $0

10:00 PM: Pool home. Ok so maybe this flat rate thing is still worth it 😛 $1.50

Commute: $8.95
Shopping: $40

Total: $48.95


10:00 AM: Boyfriend picked up some small grocery items from the Farmer’s Market. We really didn’t cook much last week so we’re sitting on tons of meat and veggies still. $9.80

12:00 PM: Eat breakfast/brunch at home. $0

1:00 PM: Uber pool over to the Berkeley coffee shop we’ve been enjoying on the weekends. Also the espresso machine is broken at the cafe near our apartment. $1.50

2:00 PM: Coffee to settle in and blog. I still have tons and tons of content to write for my email subscription, but opt to finish an article I’ve been working on for over a week (weird Photoshop issues delayed this way too much). I even get into starting the article after that! So productive! $2.73

6:00 PM: Both of us are starving, so we decide to go back to the taco place. $8.50

7:00 PM: Pool over to IKEA. $1.50

7:30 PM: We head over to IKEA. I’ve been meaning to pick up 2 small storage containers for storing dirty dish rags as well as an under bed storage box. Thankfully we survive the trip buying exactly what we came for! $9.80

8:00 PM: Pool home. $1.50

9:00 PM: End up watching a movie at home. $0

Commute: $4.50
Groceries: $9.80
Shopping: $9.80
Restaurants: $11.20

Total: $35.30


10:00 AM: Meet up with a friend for coffee and to work on the blog. $2.73

12:00 PM: Get kind of hungry so we actually end up ordering brunch for once at the cafe. $9

3:00 PM: Bah, I’m terrible, last minute Father’s Day gift card courtesy of Amazon. $20

7:00 PM: Dinner at home. $0

Restaurants: $11.73
Shopping: $20

Total: $31.73

Jing is currently a software engineer based in Oakland, CA. She left her job in New York, moved to San Francisco unemployed, and more than doubled her salary in 4 months.

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