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Money Diaries: July Week 1

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Because of the 4 day weekend and July 4th and friends visiting + a birthday, it was a indulgent week to say the least!


8 AM: Yay! 4 day weekend! But I still have to wake up a bit early to get June Week 5 Money Diary up and running! Somehow I ended up with a June Week 5 even though June is a short month. Working from my bed and then promptly go back to bed! $0

10:30 AM: Decide it’s a good idea to use my day off to run to 99 Ranch, the asian supermarket here. I have to rent a Zipcar to get there and back. $21.85

11:00 AM: I go a little crazy at the market since I never come here, and end up buying myself a ton of hotpot ingredients and asian snacks. And a tub of kimchi! $79.30

12:00 PM: Make hot pot for myself and marathon Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life like a bachelorette. $0

7:00 PM: Hot pot part 2 for dinner. $0

8:00 PM: Settle the grocery bill for last weekend. $14.70

Commute: $21.85
Groceries: $94

Total: $115.86


9:00 AM: My boyfriend and I have decided to visit Monterey Bay Aquarium today for July 4, so we rent a car on Getaround. We split this between us. $35.30

10:00 AM: We head over to a coffee shop for some breakfast pastries + coffee before picking up the car. $8.75

1:00 PM: We stop for lunch at a poke place in town. $11.95

1:45 PM: Hefty parking fee for the aquarium… $7.50

2:00 PM: Aquarium time! Admission is $$$ I haven’t been to an aquarium in forever so I have no idea if this is normal. It is pretty cool though! They have these super large tanks with all sorts of fish and sharks! If you’ve watched Big Little Lies, there’s a scene that takes place at this aquarium 🙂 $49.50

5:00 PM: We pick up a last minute starbucks on the way home. I’m so thirsty so I decide it’s a great idea to get giant chai latte. $4.35

7:00 PM: Gas for the car. $7.00

7:30 PM: Dinner at home. $0

Chucking the whole day under Travel this month!

Travel: $124.35

Total: $124.35


7:00 AM: Blog time at the cafe. $2.73

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Breakfast bar at work. $0

1:50 PM: I successfully made it to the gym during lunch and ran 1 whole mile! And did 45 leg lifts! $0

2:30 PM: Since it’s such a short week, I just get one serving for my half off lunch! $3.96

4:00 PM: I must be on some shopping kick. I order some Gap sports bras during their 4th of July sale. $39.26

6:00 PM: Bus home. $4.20

7:00 PM: Hot Pot Part 3 at home $0

Restaurants: $6.69
Commute: $5.20
Shopping: $39.26

Total: $51.15


7:00 AM: Blog time at the cafe $2.73

11:30 AM: Working from home again! This is our 3rd couples therapy session, and it’s been pretty interesting so far. My boyfriend and I are super non confrontational people so it kind of helps to have an established place to talk about things. I pay for this week and last weeks sessions with my FSA card. Thank god this doesn’t *feel* like it’s coming out of my pocket. $340

1:00 PM: Hot pot part 4…I just added more water to my leftover broth! $0

3:00 PM: Got charged for Google Storage at some point. $1.99

4:45 PM: Uber pool to the BART. My friends and I are throwing a surprise dinner for a friend of ours. $3.50

5:00 PM: BART into the city. $3.60

6:00 PM: Uber over to the dinner spot. One of my other friends got this one. $0

6:15 PM: Surprise dinner! 🙂 We did a super awesome family style dinner with Japanese small plates. $54

7:30 PM: On the way over to my friends apartment to watch The Great British Bake Off, we decide to stop by a nearby grocery. I end up getting some Fish Oil supplements there. $13.82

10:00 PM: Uber pool home. $12

Commute: $19.10
Restaurants: $56.73
Mental Health: $340
Groceries: $13.83
Bills and Utilities: $1.99

Total: $431.65


7:00 AM: Blog time $2.73

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Peanut butter bar for breakfast. $0

12:00 PM: Sandwiches for lunch. $0

4:45 PM: Head on over for the Lyra class. My friend and I were able to get our passes extended! This class is so fun! $0

6:00 PM: One of my friends is visiting from NY and we have a whole group going to Land’s End to do a nice scenic walk. Uber pool over with my boyfriend. $3.50 

7:00 PM: The walk is gorgeous! And it’s whale season so we must’ve spotted 8 whales in the Bay! $0

9:00 PM: Late dinner at a great chinese restaurant in Outer Richmond. We have a large group which is the best size for super family style dinners! $18.25

10:00 PM: Uber home. Split with my boyfriend. $10

Commute: $14.50
Restaurants: $18.25

Total: $32.75


8:00 AM: Blog time at our cafe, if you’re wondering how I’m spending so much time blogging yet have posted so little content…I’m STILL working on my email course! Bah! I’m at the final stages just trying to figure out how MailChimp works… $2.73

12:00 PM: Farmer’s market toodle. I still need to split these with my boyfriend. $0

1:00 PM: Hot Pot part 5 $0

2:45 PM: Uber pool to BART. I’m meeting my friends for an Escape Room in the city. $3.50

3:00 PM: BART over into SF. $3.60

3:30 PM: Escape Room! This ones a very interesting premise and it’s pretty eerie. We’re auditioning to be a mysterious puppeteers assistant and we get closed into a pretty creepy looking room with wood puppets and other oddities. We end up solving the 70 min puzzle in 31 min. The guy running it said we were the fastest amateur group to finish so quickly! $25

6:00 PM: We end up walking around until dinner time at a taco place nearby. $29

7:00 PM: We head over to a friends place to continue watching more Great British Bake Off. My friends are completely obsessed with attempting to the get Kouign Amann’s flaky and correct. $0

9:00 PM: I want to work on the blog a little more and end up heading out early. $7.97

10:00 PM: End up getting home and actually starting The Handmaiden with my boyfriend. This is a great movie, but it is shockingly explicit. $0

Commute: $15.07
Entertainment: $25
Restaurants: $29

Total: $69.07


8:00 AM: I book a gig to run to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to get some groceries for lunch time + snacks. My friends and I are going out to Napa for wine tastings, so cheese, crackers, and salami are a must. $0

9:30 AM: Wrap up grocery shopping right in time. We’re supposed to be meeting my friends in the city at 10:30 to start driving to Napa. $72.92

9:45 AM: Gig over to the BART. $0

10:00 AM: BART into the city. $3.60

12:00 PM: We get to Napa and pick up some lunch sandwiches. $6

1:00 PM: Winery number 1. We scarf down our food there in addition to a glass of wine. $10.83

2:00 PM: Head over to our first reserved tasting. I still have no idea how to differentiate wine. Though I can tell if I’m tasting different, it all sort of blends together in my memory. $35

3:30 PM: We head over to the last tasting…this ends up being too much for me and I hand off my last glass to a friend. We have a nice picnic out back with all our cheese, crackers, and salami, but eventually get kicked out because outside food wasn’t actually allowed! Oops!! $25

5:00 PM: We find a nice lawn to finish our picnic on! All of us are exhausted by then. $0

7:00 PM: Eat dinner at home and finish the Handmaiden. I am way too exhausted from the day to do anything else! $0

Another day I’m sticking in travel

Travel: $149.75
Commute: $3.60

Total: $153.65

Jing is currently a software engineer based in Oakland, CA. She left her job in New York, moved to San Francisco unemployed, and more than doubled her salary in 4 months.

4 thoughts on “Money Diaries: July Week 1

  1. Even your spendy week doesn’t look so bad to me! Also, Escape the Room is super fun, but apparently I’m pretty terrible at it. I’m going to go again with my friends this summer since we failed last year.

    Also, you make me curious about Uber pool, because those amounts don’t look too crazy. My SO refuses to use them for political reasons, though.

    1. Haha that’s good! I notice for me it’s all the little-big things that add up! I think it depends on the Escape Room! My friends did one that was multiple rooms for $150 per person, and they barely finished (according to him, only finished because the overseeing lady gave them tons of clues)

      I’m not sure if they have the ride pass in NY yet, but you can opt in to be notified if they do. It makes all pools $3.50 (as long as the original fare is <$15, otherwise they charge the difference), which is dirt cheap especially for 2 people! Uber does suck as a company, but at least the CEO left...and with how terrible they are, I try to make the most of my pass so they're losing money on me 😛

  2. Chinese restaurant in the Outer Richmond? Let me guess, it’s on Balboa or Geary?

    I did not know Monterey Bay Aquarium costs so much now, thanks for the info. I was hoping to take my wife and the baby out there sometime this summer but we might just settle for the SF zoo now. I definitely want to go to the Aquarium at some point probably when our baby gets a little older.

    1. Yep, definitely on Geary 😀 That strip is the best–the food is super affordable + delicious AND they accept large groups because they’re way less trafficked 😀

      I think it’s definitely worth visiting once! Or at least now you can keep your eyes open for a good coupon instead of just deciding on a whim!

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