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Money Diaries: July Week 3

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7:30 AM: Head over to our Monday cafe for coffee. I get a bit indulgent because I LOVE the pepperoni/cheese croissants here. Again, I ask for ice coffee but they give me cold brew instead. It’s a little annoying that I asked whether they have iced coffee and they say yes, but it’s not coffee and costs a dollar more… $8.75

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Still loving the breakfast bars! $0

1:00 PM: Loving how I sniped lunch last Friday, schwarma it is! $0

2:00 PM: Realized I was charged for the second gym I go to…which I’ve only gone to once. 12 month contract…this was a bad decision… $10

6:00 PM: Commute home via the bus. $4.20

8:00 PM: Dinner at home. $0

Restaurants: $8.75
Commute: $5.20
Health and Fitness: $10

Total: $23.95


9:00 AM: Wake up super late so we skip coffee on the Oakland side and head into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Breakfast bar + coffee at work. $0

1:00 PM: More leftovers! $0

6:00 PM: Transbay bus home. $4.20

6:30 PM: I end up at Trader Joe’s for some smoothie supplies. My favorite is low fat vanilla yogurt + mango chunks + pineapple chunks + spinach. It’s a good way to cheat and get some leafy greens in for the day! $8.27

7:30 PM: Dinner at home. $0

Commute: $5.20
Groceries: $8.27

Total: $13.47


7:00 AM: Work at the cafe. $2.73

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city! My boyfriend is leaving this morning to go to a 4 day Tony Robbins event in Newark. It sounds so cool! $1

10:00 AM: My boyfriend packed his battery pack, and I realize my phone has the worst battery life ever. I’ve gotten stranded at the airport and in SF at midnight trying to call an Uber right when my phone shut off, so I order a HUGE battery pack off Amazon as well as short charging cable. I love the short cables because they’re so easy to keep with the battery pack. This thing is huge, seriously. I decide not to cheap out on an off brand one or a smaller pack because I’ve literally drained smaller ones I’ve owned in the past without even getting a full charge. $53.86

1:00 PM: I ran out of leftovers today but I forgot we had a multicultural lunch potluck today! My favorite is one of my coworkers Chettinadu Chicken. It’s so spicy (in both the spice and chilis department)! $0

6:00 PM: Bus home. $4.20

7:00 PM: Without my boyfriend cooking, I just eat a ton of crackers + cheese + ramen. Womp womp… $0

Shopping: $53.86
Commute: $5.20
Restaurants: $2.73

Total: $61.79


7:00 AM: I have lower motivation to go to a coffee shop without my boyfriend and it seriously does me no good. Trying to write in bed is a terrible idea…Ironically I’m writing a post about how coffee shops make me so much more productive. $0

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: I found the lost stash of yogurt at work! $0

3:30 PM: Work gets so busy that I straight up just forgot to eat lunch today. By the time I realize, it’s just a wash anyway. $0

5:30 PM: Head home a little early. $4.20

7:00 PM: More janky bachelorette dinner at home! I had so many plans to be super productive writing blog posts but instead end up marathoning The Handmaid’s Tale (SO good, yet SO creepy and terrifying to think of) while cleaning the entire apartment. $0

Commute: $5.20

Total: $5.20


7:00 AM: Another morning where I decide not to go to the coffee shop. Writing is a struggle. $0

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Breakfast bar + coffee at work. $0

12:00 PM: Burritos today for work lunch! $0

4:50 PM: My friend told me about the gym’s open house, so I end up walking over to another free Lyra class! No time to snipe lunch burritos today! The only issue, I’m seriously considering joining this gym for this class which is $25 drop in. I’ve proven to myself that I’d go at least 4 times a month. That would mean 3 gym memberships…even saying it out loud seems ridiculous. If only I could cancel the second membership but of course I’m locked in like a dummy. Still thinking on this one… $0

5:30 PM: Lyra! $0

7:00 PM: Uber pool home. Uber quoted me $5 something, but then they charged me $12?! Disputing… $12.22

8:00 PM: The Handmaid’s Tale marathon continues. $0

Commute: $13.22

Total: $13.22


9:00 AM: I waffle around the apartment and finally make my Outdoor Voices purchase. I end up grabbing 2 crop tops, I hope they fit well! $87.40

11:00 AM: Determined to actually get stuff done today. I call an uberpool to go to a coffee shop in Berkeley. $3.50

12:00 PM: I snag a small coffee and settle into work. I want to write so many posts today! The worst part about working alone is then having to take your computer to the bathroom with you. I don’t trust strangers to watch my stuff! $2.25

4:00 PM: Battery is dying, so it’s time to head out. I ended up only finishing one post which was way longer than I expected. I want to go check out plants at a place nearby, so I get a bag of Madelines. Pricy for the quantity, but I guess I am buying food at a coffee shop. $3.28

5:00 PM: Didn’t really want to drop $50 on a snake plant I liked, I need to think more about where it’s going to go in my apartment. Not to mention I want to stick it in a decorative basket, and I still haven’t found the perfect one. Uber pool home. $3.50

6:00 PM: Dinner at home and an all night marathon of cheesy girly movies ensues with accompanying attempts to write more blog posts. It’s actually pretty draining to have enough creative energy to write 2 blog posts in a day unless the second is super facts based, but even then the energy to organize the content within is still difficult! I finally got around to the Age of Adaline. It was aight. $0

8:00 PM: A little hungry again, so I hit up Trader Joe’s for eggs, scallions, and cilantro along with some other goodies. If you’ve never put scallions + cilantro in your eggs, you are missing out! I had them this way in Vietnam and have been doing it ever since! $31.34

Commute: $7
Restaurants: $5.53
Shopping: $87.40
Groceries: $31.34

Total: $131.27


10:30 AM: I still have a few posts I need to write today, but before that I need to head to Buffalo Exchange to try and sell/donate some old clothes. They’ve been sitting in a bag in my closet corner for way too long. Uber pool over to the Buffalo Exchange in Berkeley. I plan on working at a coffee shop nearby after so it’s less of a sunk cost to take a car all the way over to get some measly earnings. $3.50

11:30 AM: No surprise, I’m not that stylish/all the clothes I’m trying to get rid of are far past their stylish days. I get $6 for a pair of Top Shop mom jeans. +$6

12:00 PM: There’s a new coffee shop a block over. The coffee’s a little expensive, but the ambiance is great! They have nice, new leathery chairs along with buttery wood table surfaces. I have to work here! $3.50

2:00 PM: Whew their coffee is so strong, I need to get a spinach + feta croissant to counteract its effects! $3.75

5:30 PM: Got so much done today, so I head out! $3.50

6:00 PM: I put on another romantic movie in the background while trying to write my 3rd post of the weekend. It’s called Take Me Home, and I’ve never seen any of the actors in it, but it’s so cute! The female/male lead are actually married in real life, and I just find that adorable. By the way, you can find both movies I mentioned on Amazon Prime! $0

8:00 PM: Another egg dinner. I need my boyfriend to come back ASAP! LOL $0

Commute: $7
Income: +$6
Restaurants: $7.25

Total: $8.25

Jing is currently a software engineer based in Oakland, CA. She left her job in New York, moved to San Francisco unemployed, and more than doubled her salary in 4 months.

8 thoughts on “Money Diaries: July Week 3

  1. Umm, those pepperoni/cheese croissants sound amazing! I also tend to eat nothing but junk food when my husband is away. It gives me an excuse to eat all the snacks he doesn’t like- Hot Cheetos and white cheddar popcorn is my jam!

    I also have a problem writing blog posts during the weekend- I think I just need to get out of the house like you do

    1. I think stuffed croissants are trending! I see them EVERYWHERE now, even though up until 3 months ago, I had never even heard of them! I love Hot Cheetos too (specifically Chester’s Hot Fries), white cheddar popcorn is great too…I ate half a bag of TJ’s kettle corn in bed the first night my boyfriend was gone

      Overall it was productive, but I still missed my goal. It’s good to shoot for the stars though!

  2. Haha, I love how you ate like a kid without your boyfriend! I’m basically pretty helpless when it comes to real food, too. When my husband is not around to cook, I’m digging around the freezer for Trader Joe’s lemongrass sticks to pass as “dinner”.

    Also, I like to put on a silly rom-coms when I’m writing, too! Although my husband thinks they distract me…What does he know?

    1. I could cook…but why?! Sometimes it’s good to indulge in a bit of laziness! Haha, I noticed how you ate that Neoguri ramen when your hubby was out 😛

      Yay to working while watching rom coms! I find it soothing because I feel like I have company while trying to get some work done. Just because your hubby can’t doesn’t mean we can’t! Though if I’m being honest…

  3. The voyeur in me really enjoyed reading this post!

    Totally agree with “The worst part about working alone is then having to take your computer to the bathroom with you.” It’s like when you travel alone you have to keep a constant eye on your luggage. Boo.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tina! Glad you enjoyed the read 🙂 Traveling alone is even worse than going to the coffee shop alone! I hate having to haul everything with me just to go to the bathroom or water fountain.

  4. Good lord, I probably spent more on diapers alone this week than you did on everything. That being said, I’ve been trying to be even more efficient with our meal prep. Although, we’ve gotten into a habit of treating ourselves when Scarlett gives us a rough night. We need to reward ourselves for surviving with her.

    1. Wow, babies are so expensive! But you get so much love in return AND a cute baby AND hilarious baby stories to tweet about! 😀

      Meal prepping is the one thing I still haven’t figured out yet, though my lunches are pretty cheap right now, I can afford a few dollars for that convenience. Parenting (I hear from my coworkers) is grueling in the first few years, so a reward is definitely well deserved!

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