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Money Diaries: July Week 4

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7:00 AM: Sadly writing my money diary in bed since my boyfriend still isn’t home. The morning cafe is difficult for me without him. $0

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Yogurt at work! $0

2:30 PM: The usual deli for my half off lunch goodies. $9.51

3:00 PM: Made a dollar on paypal for signing up for some random thing I saw someone on twitter post about. Scooping up free money is my side hustle! $1

5:30 PM: Head out early to hang with my honey. $4.20

6:00 PM: Dinner at home. $0

Commute: $5.20
Restaurants: $9.51

Total: $14.71


8:00 AM: Boyfriend is sick so we make it to morning coffee a bit later than usual. $2.73

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

12:00 PM: Deli leftovers! I think I underdid it this week, and I’m paranoid I may run out of food. $0

7:00 PM: Head out to sing at my friend’s choir. Singing The Boys of Summer today, which wasn’t a song I realized I knew. $0

9:00 PM: Uber pool home. $7.81

Restaurants: $2.73
Commute: $8.81

Total: $11.54


8:00 AM: Another late coffee morning! We’ve just been feeling really tired these days. Another side effect of my boyfriend being away is that I started going to sleep later and later every night last week. $2.73

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Breakfast bar at work. $0

1:00 PM: Lunch leftovers. $0

6:00 PM: Transbay bus home. $4.20

7:00 PM: Make a purchase that I’m hoping to pair with my budgeting course launching this week. It may be overkill to be investing up front in this since the budget course isn’t going to make me anything…I’m just so dang excited though. $35

8:00 PM: Dinner at home. $0

Restaurants: $2.73
Commute: $5.20
Business Services: $35

Total: $42.93


8:00 AM: Streak of late mornings! It’s ok though since we’re working at home and can stay longer. $2.73

11:30 AM: Couples counseling. We’ve only renewed for 3 more sessions after this one and then it’ll be done! I feel kind of sad actually, it’s really nice to have a place and time you know you’re going to talk about whatever’s on your mind. Sadly it’s too pricy to always have to resort to a professional. Boyfriend pays this time. $0

1:00 PM: Prepackaged dumplings at home. $0

6:00 PM: I’m meeting some friends in the city for climbing. Don’t know why I thought it was a brilliant idea to make it on a Thursday when I knew I’d be working from home. Well I do…I thought 3 more friends were available than usual but 2/3 flaked!! AGH!!! Uber pool to BART. $3.50

6:30 PM: BART into the city. $3.60

7:00 PM: Climbing + my friends teach me some acroyoga. Seriously, nothing makes sense when you’re upside down! $0

9:30 PM: Uber pool home. Still milking this ride pass to death. Uber pool mischarged me again…Another dispute in the works. Don’t worry, I got my charge disputed successfully from last week! [For Now] $13.99

Commute: $21.09
Restaurants: $2.73

Total: $23.82


8:00 AM: Ok, we’ll do better with coffee shop work next week.. $2.73

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Breakfast bar at work. $0

12:00 PM: Chinese food for lunch at the office! The place we ordered from has amazing food, but unfortunately, this skews more towards the american chinese dishes. Beggars can’t be choosers though! $0

6:00 PM: Bus home. $4.20

7:00 PM: Dinner at home. And I make my boyfriend start Handmaid’s Tale. $0

Restaurants: $2.73
Commute: $5.20

Total: $7.93


9:00 AM: Cafe blog time. I top it off with a yummy croissant. $6.83

12:00 PM: Head over to the Farmer’s Market for some veggies and bones for bone broth. I also pick up a load of white nectarines! Summer is the best time of year to visit your local Farmer’s Market. My boyfriend is super into juicing right now and it’s a great place to stock up on high quality organic veggies for cheap. $26

1:00 PM: We also pick up a rotisserie chicken for lunch from the rotisserie chicken truck. $7.85

3:00 PM: We’re headed to upstate NY in a couple weeks to go fly fishing with my boyfriend’s family, but we both need to get some wading boots. Uber pool over to a fly fishing shop out in Albany. $1.75

3:30 PM: My boyfriend gets a pair of boots for me. $0

4:30 PM: We were going to hit up the climbing gym in Berkeley near by and then go to Oyster happy hour after, but we decide to just go straight. Uber pool back to Downtown Oakland. $1.75

5:00 PM: Made it right in time for Oyster happy hour start! This time we get 36 Oysters. I treat my man since there’s a little room in the budget left. The end of the month is kind of the best time if you’re a zero sum budgeter like me. Though if I’m being honest, I still try to go under budget just so I can add the extra into savings, but it’s always nice to let loose a bit especially when you’ve already set the money aside. $46.98

6:00 PM: Uber pool home. $1.75

7:00 PM: Dinner at home and more rewatching of Handmaid’s Tale for me. $0

Restaurants: $53.81
Commute: $5.25
Groceries: $33.85

Total: $92.91


10:00 AM: Blog time at the cafe with a coffee and croissant. $6.83

1:00 PM: My boyfriend went into the city to meet up with a friend, so I decide I’m going to get a fancy pants acai bowl for lunch. $10

1:30 PM: Uber pool to a cafe near the climbing gym in Oakland, I’m meeting my boyfriend there. $3.50

1:45 PM: I need more shampoo and conditioner. Place an order on amazon, along with the book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. If you haven’t heard of it, check out the original essay here. $29.36

4:00 PM: Wrap up climbing and we were thinking about getting tacos, but the usual place we go is closed! We decide to book a free Gig nearby to go to one of our favorite restaurants near our place. $0

5:00 PM: I’m pretty sure we’re the best end of month budget celebrators because we end up ordering 4 entrees. This place is just so good. $61

7:00 PM: Game of Thrones and more blogging at home! $0

Restaurants: $77.83
Commute: $3.50
Shopping: $29.36

Total: $110.69

Jing is currently a software engineer based in Oakland, CA. She left her job in New York, moved to San Francisco unemployed, and more than doubled her salary in 4 months.

2 thoughts on “Money Diaries: July Week 4

  1. Jing, do you ever try to make your own coffee at your place or does the cafe environment help get you “into the zone?” Personally, I don’t think I’d be able to focus with all that chatter and movement in the background; but I guess that’d depend on the place. I’d imagine some places would be more work-friendly than others. Plus, another benefit would be saving money on the coffee and the croissants! =)

  2. Hey Tim! I did used to make my own coffee back in the day. I really did not have much to spare back then, so I definitely consider myself lucky now. Coffee shops and the ambiance is what I’m going for, to “get in the zone”. I generally only order a pastry on the weekends because I really hunker down and don’t want to leave just because I’m hungry!

    I have a blog post about why I pay for coffee actually! I used to be a true hater on people who paid for coffee (classic, save $1000 by not getting your morning coffee believer)! You can read it here if you’d like: Buying Coffee Is Worth It

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