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Money Diaries: September Week 2

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8:00 AM: Up late this morning, no coffee shop. My boyfriend got a Flair manual press espresso maker, so he’s my AM latte maker for the day. $0

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Yogurt at work. $0

12:00 PM: I have a work lunch roulette match today so we go out to an Asian food court. I get a poke bowl because if I’m going to eat out other than the deli, I need me some raw tuna! We get into a very interesting conversation about artisan bread baking, which gets me thinking about the cost of higher quality food. I used to believe all food was made equal and more expensive food was just a marketing ploy (which some of it is), but I’m leaning the other way more and more these days. $12.51

1:30 PM: Stop by Walgreens to get a packing envelope for my eBay goods. $2.16

4:00 PM: Print my shipping label for the package which I’ll drop off tomorrow. It’s amazing what a discount you get when paying for the label through eBay. $2.77

4:00 PM: Also counting my payment for the perfume I sold since I’ve already been paypal-ed and I’m on the brink of shipping it. Don’t know how much will be taken out later. Product photography below. –$40

6:00 PM: I wanted to go to the pole class on Monday nights but honestly my abs hurt so bad from Lyra the previous week. Bus back. $4.50

8:00 PM: Dinner at home. $0

Commute: $5.50
Shopping: -$35.07
Restaurants: $12.51

Total: -$17.06


8:00 AM: Wake up late again this morning but manage to get some writing in at home. The productivity difference between 1.5 hours and 1 hour is huge! $0

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Yogurt at work. $0

2:30 PM: Went to the deli to get food for 3 days. $9.90

6:30 PM: BART over to the climbing gym in SF. It’s been a while since we’ve climbed at this gym. There are amazing new problems up and I have my heart set on one. $1.95

9:00 PM: Lyft line home. It is SO expensive without the Uber ride pass. Split this one with my boyfriend. $9.76

9:30 PM: Dinner at home. $0

Commute: $12.71
Restaurants: $9.90

Total: $22.61


8:00 AM: Have to leave early this morning for an all day workshop at work. No coffee again. $0

8:40 AM: Carpool to work, of course this is the day we get totally stuck in traffic for a whole hour. $1

12:00 PM: Turns out we have a catered lunch for the full day workshop. Guess I can save my lunch for later. $0

4:00 PM: I need to get a new phone case and screen protector–my old one broke last week and I haven’t been able to replace it. The screen protector’s also been cracked for months. $25.92

6:30 PM: The team goes out for our east meets west team dinner since our Boston team flew out. This restaurant has a pasta that’s covered by baked pizza dough, sort of like a pot pie top that’s actually a pizza. So cool! $0

9:00 PM: I decide to be a bit frugal and end up reading while waiting 20 minutes for the bus since I took such a pricey Lyft the day before. Update on reading, I finished Remains of the Day, and I’m about 100+ pages into A Tale For The Time Being. About 3 chapters out from finishing The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. Overall win–I haven’t abandoned any of the books I’ve purchased. $4.50

Commute: $5.50
Shopping: $25.92

Total: $31.42


8:00 AM: Another early morning for day 2 of another full day workshop at work, so no coffee again. $0

8:40 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

12:00 PM: More catered lunch! Guess my leftovers can wait until next week! $0

6:00 PM: Decide to head home and veg out tonight. This week we’ve been up late every night and I feel exhausted. Tonight’s a good one to watch some Narcos. Bus home. $4.50

7:00 PM: Dinner at home + Narcos. $0

Commute: $5.50

Total: $5.50


7:30 AM: Finally make it to the coffee shop this morning and get some blog work done. I have tons of random to-dos that I’ve been meaning to do forever that I finally get to! $2.73

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Granola bar at work. $0

12:00 PM: We have banh mi at work today. Why does cilantro always seem to taste better when garnished by someone else? $0

4:45 PM: I managed to convince my boyfriend to join me for Lyra class. Now we can be a true aerialist couple! $0

6:30 PM: Head over to Rockridge via BART to get some ramen. $3.60

7:30 PM: A decadent bowl of noodles from the Ramen Shop in Rockridge. We also add on a plate of pickled veggies. My poor boyfriend has to pay full price for the bowl of broth + toppings without noodles. $34

8:30 PM: Head home via Lyft, my boyfriend gets this one. $0

9:00 PM: More Narcos before bed. $0

Restaurants: $36.73
Commute: $4.60

Total: $41.33


11:00 AM: Up pretty late this morning. Needed the Saturday sleep in. Decide to head over to Whole Foods first to pick up some groceries to prepare for the weekend. Our fridge is empty and all our avocados we got last week are still unripe. Uber pool over. Boyfriend gets this one. $0

11:30 PM: Whole Foods haul. I pick up ingredients for a chinese style beef noodle soup (brisket, bok choy, green onions, star anise, and more!) $21

12:00 PM: Uber pool back home. $4.54

12:30 PM: Lunch at home. $0

1:00 PM: Split an uber pool to go to a coffee shop near the Oakland climbing gym. $2.27

1:30 PM: Get a nice cup of coffee and work on clean up tasks for my blog. Things I should have worked on long ago like adding a Contact page. $3

4:30 PM: Walk over to the climbing gym. Arms get blown out pretty much within an hour. $0

5:30 PM: Pool home. $2.27

6:00 PM: Spend the night making my beef noodle soup and cleaning our jackets. We have to do a special 2 step Tech Wash then Soft Shell waterproofing. I wear this jacket everyday and have gone on multiple trips camping with it. It’s the best jacket I’ve owned to date! $0

Commute: $9.08
Restaurants: $3
Groceries: $21

Total: $33.08


9:00 AM: Up a bit earlier and get to sprucing up my Pinterest account! I’m just getting boards set up at this point. I have NO idea how to use Pinterest for personal finance blogging. I’ve been on Pinterest since 2009, but always pinning DIYs and lifestyle related things. It’s so hard to shift gears to pinning topics related to finance! $0

11:00 AM: Uber downtown to Blue Bottle in old Oakland. We’re really trying to mix up our coffee shop routine these days but can’t seem to find a good replacement to our regular spot. So pricey without that ride pass for going just a little further than usual. $4.08

11:30 AM: Get a coffee and pretzel at Blue Bottle then realize that there’s no wifi. We’re used to wifi everywhere since we have Comcast and they have hotspots all over town using other customer’s routers. Luckily I can tether my data connection so that my laptop can use my phone’s 4G as wifi. $6.75

12:00 PM: End up working here for a bit but my boyfriend’s laptop runs out of battery and there aren’t any chargers here. Guess Blue Bottle’s really the type of place you go for coffee and chats or coffee and reading. Head out and walk uptown to the coffee shop we worked at yesterday. $0

1:00 PM: Too caffeinated so I end up getting a hot tea here. $3

3:00 PM: Pick up a Gig back home since all the ubers are so far out. $3.28

4:00 PM: Take a nap at home and eat a mid day snack. We also started watching a Netflix series during dinner called The Confession Tapes which are mini documentaries about people who were coerced or tricked into confessing crimes they never committed. Just the saddest and most appalling thing to learn about. $0

6:00 PM: Need some other goodies from Trader Joe’s nearby. $23.12

7:00 PM: End up making a mung bean/barley congee soup for dinner since my boyfriend’s out at a boxing class with his coworkers. $0

8:00 PM: Blooog time! $0

Commute: $7.36
Restaurants: $9.75
Groceries: $23.12

Total: $40.23

Jing is currently a software engineer based in Oakland, CA. She left her job in New York, moved to San Francisco unemployed, and more than doubled her salary in 4 months.

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    1. Will definitely let you no! So far (after 4 days), not a single click through Pinterest 🙁 I finally got accepted into 1 group board today so we’ll see soon!!

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