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Money Diaries: September Week 4

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7:30 AM: I’ve been writing my weekly money diary at home recently. Since the usual coffee shop is closed on Monday, and this has been more and more a last minute task, it maximizes the amount of time I have to work on it before work. $0

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Yogurt at work. $0

2:30 PM: Lunch at the deli. I get 3 days worth of food since I’m going to work from home again this Thursday. $10.79

4:00 PM: Uber pool flat rate passes are back! All is well with the world again. $12

5:30 PM: BART into Oakland to meet up with my friend for dinner in Oakland Chinatown. $3.65

6:00 PM: I end up getting a pork + preserved egg congee and a bowl of macaroni vegetable soup. We split a egg puff at the end. $20

7:30 PM: Uber pool home. $3.50

8:00 PM: Work on some evening blogging. $0

9:00 PM: Break down the grocery bill for last Sunday’s climbing trip. $48.25

Commute: $19.15
Restaurants: $30.79
Groceries: $48.25

Total: $98.19


7:30 AM: Make it to the coffee shop for more blogging this morning. $2.73

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Yogurt at work. $0

1:00 PM: Deli leftovers. $0

3:00 PM: Charged for a wholesaler account I signed up for last year when I was thinking about learning more about Amazon FBA. Unfortunately I never actually ended up committing much time to figuring it out. I got charged $67 but was able to get this refunded. $0

6:00 PM: Bus home. Super excited since my Bloomingdale’s order came in! $4.50

7:00 PM: Dinner at home. $0

8:00 PM: Wrapping up my Marie Kondo article, which I spend probably an hour just taking 1 picture for. $0

9:00 PM: Realized I still owed my boyfriend for dinner last week. $18

Restaurants: $20.73
Commute: $5.50

Total: $16.23


7:00 AM: Back to blogging at the coffee shop this morning. $2.73

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

10:00 AM: Yogurt at work. $0

1:00 PM: Deli leftover. $0

5:30 PM: Head over to the climbing gym in SF via BART. $1.95

8:30 PM: Uber pool home. This ride pass is working some real magic since the ride to Oakland is only $3.50

9:00 PM: Dinner at home. $0

Restaurants: $2.73
Commute: $6.45

Total: $9.18


8:30 AM: Up very late this morning, no time for the coffee shop at all. $0

9:00 AM: Working from home today. $0

6:00 PM: I end up seeing a targeted google ad showing a sale on the sweater I just got at Neiman Marcus. Even though it’s not 5% back at department stores yet, I don’t want to miss this sale! But now that it’s October and the price is still dropped…I’m wondering…should I go ahead and gun for the 5% on top of the sale?! The plan is to return the original one I got, which will end up saving me $50 (or $60 with the 5%). Essentially over budget until then. Free 2 day Shoprunner shipping too! $209.76

12:00 PM: Reheat the leftover macaroni soup from Monday. $0

8:00 PM: Dinner at home. $0

9:00 PM: My friend shared the trailer for a new Stephen King Netflix movie called 1922, but it turns out it won’t be out until October. I end up finding a different movie called The Invitation on Netflix that ends up being amazing (and freaky)! My boyfriend actually ends up locking both the locks on our door after seeing it. $0

Shopping: $209.76

Total: $209.76


8:00 AM: Another semi late morning so I end up doing a little blogging at home. It always feels great any week I can squeeze in 3 posts for the week! $0

9:00 AM: Carpool into the city. $1

9:20 AM: We get in a little early and end up going on a search for coffee at Blue Bottle but it turns out the line is way too long. $0

10:00 AM: Yogurt at work. $0

12:00 PM: Ready made crepes for lunch! $0

5:00 PM: Head out to walk over to my Lyra class. $0

7:00 PM: Meet my boyfriend at his office and walk to the bus. $4.50

8:00 PM: Dinner and a movie at home. $0

Commute: $5.50

Total: $5.50


10:00 AM: Boyfriend went out for groceries this morning while I sleep in. $0

10:30 AM: Split the groceries. $21

11:30 AM: Uber pool to a coffee shop in Albany. I saw some cute and interesting cafes further out from Oakland, which we can check out super cheaply with the ride pass. $1.75

12:00 PM: Coffee and croissant at the coffee shop. $5

1:30 PM: Uber pool to the climbing gym. $1.75

4:00 PM: Decide to grab a meal since that croissant can only tide over hunger for so long. $12

4:45 PM: Pool over to another coffee shop in Albany. I used to hate trying out new places because I felt like it was such a waste of a commute if the place ended up being meh. I’ve been enjoying it more and more now since I’ve been thinking of it more as exploring! $1.75

5:00 PM: Blog and coffee. $1.50

6:30 PM: My boyfriend wants to get some work done at home, pool back to Oakland. $1.75

8:00 PM: I ended up taking a really long nap when I got home which made me ridiculously groggy. I decide I have to have snacks and end up walking to Trader Joe’s to get something to snack on. $0

9:00 PM: Ok, so actually I needed a lot to snack on…I end up coming home with mango cream bars, dried mangos, manchego, and snap pea chips. $17.44

Groceries: $38.44
Commute: $7.50
Restaurants: $18.50

Total: $64.44


11:00 AM: Decide to head over and work in one of our usual Berkeley coffee shops. $1.75

11:30 AM: Coffee and scone. I’m finally working on my money map, which I started a couple weeks ago but gave up on since the initial map looked so bad! I’ve gotten some new inspiration for it now! $6.75

2:00 PM: Since it’s a new month, my shopping budget is reset and my boyfriend and I can finally look into buying the arched floor lamp we’ve wanted to put over the dining table. Our living room has been depressingly dark at night. There aren’t any on Craigslist in the area, and we end up seeing a great one on CB2’s website and walk over to reserve it at the store. Hilariously, CB2 has a sign calling their seasonal work a side hustle…Guess everything’s a side hustle now, eh? I found a 15% off coupon on CB2’s website and end up splitting the purchase with my boyfriend. $92.40

2:30 PM: Head over to a diner nearby for brunch. The corned beef hash is so good here. They have an old school jukebox with tabletop music selections. $17

3:30 PM: I wanted to do a little more work, but I really want to set up the lamp and see how much brighter our living room can get, so we rent a Gig nearby to drive the thing home. $15

4:00 PM: Spend the afternoon setting up the lamp and wrapping up my money map. $0

8:00 PM: Dinner at home. The lamp looks great. LET THERE BE LIGHT! $0

Commute: $16.75
Restaurants: $23.75
Shopping: $92.40

Total: $132.90

Jing is currently a software engineer based in Oakland, CA. She left her job in New York, moved to San Francisco unemployed, and more than doubled her salary in 4 months.

12 thoughts on “Money Diaries: September Week 4

    1. The ending was insane, though I guess what else could the build up be for? There was so much tension I could hardly handle it.

      New month turns and I’m like “Time to spend money again!!! Oh, wait, this has to last me the whole month…” LOL

    1. I’d describe CB2 as similar aesthetic as IKEA! But the quality is probably a little better than the higher end IKEA things. The price point is kinda high, I literally would probably only buy a lamp or plates there!

      The times are definitely approximations 😛 Yeah when I sit down to write I have so much trouble writing Monday – Thursday. Good thing I have Mint to check what I spent money on! I also use Swarm to check in to places and end up cross referencing that quite a bit!

  1. Trader Joe’s is close to my work and I get tempted to buy so much snacks there. I know the feeling of planning to buy a couple of things then ending up buying more than what I planned especially going to TJ’s. I get the snap pea chips too along with those cheddar corn puffs , so freakin’ addicting.

    1. TJ’s is JUST far enough that it makes me think twice or else I’d probably be taking mid day grocery brakes there. I used to be a corn puff addict!! I would buy them constantly and eat the whole bag in 2 sittings (I guess it’s better than 1 sitting!)

    1. That is the best feeling when clutter gets to be cleared and we get paid for it! I still have a bunch of things I need to list, I should make it a goal this weekend 🙂

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