Hey there! My name is Jing, and welcome to the Millennial Money Diaries. This blog is meant to be a place to share my daily spending, monthly budgets, tips, and random personal finance tidbits. You can read about my personal finance journey to date here.

My finances have been on my mind lately. I love reading Refinery 29’s Money Diaries, and I’ve stumbled across tons of personal finance podcasts/youtube channels, the FIRE community, and have started going on some Sunday personal finance dates with my boyfriend. Check out my Reading List.

Though the purpose of this blog isn’t tracking my early retirement or an update-as-I-go guide to financial independence, I do hope to learn some tips that can get me closer to those things. I’m pretty nerdy and love seeing how other people live regardless of how different their situation is from mine, so I hope this blog can be an opportunity to peek into my life.

I love talking about specs and getting into researching technical details, so let’s talk about my current financial situation:

Age: 27

Job: Software Engineer

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Salary: $100,000+

Debts: $9,780 (to my parents)

Monthly Recurring Expenses:

Rent: $1,250 (splitting a 1 bedroom in Oakland with my boyfriend)

Gym: $79 (partially expensed post-tax through work)

Spotify: $9.99

Google Storage: $1.99 (I’m a digital hoarder)

Internet: $57.89

Utilities: $0 (I pay for internet and my boyfriend pays for utilities)

Phone: $0 (Paid by my company)

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