High School

Ages 14-17

I was mostly focused on academic and extracurriculars during high school trying to get into a good college, but I did complete a brief summer stint as a McDonald’s drive-thru worker, cashier, and burger flipper working for a hot rate of $5.15/hr (this was 2005).

I really wanted a Sandisk mp3 player that year and I needed capital! The mp3 player was probably $200+ and then the rest of the money, I think, went into a checkings account my mom opened for me. This was effectively a savings account because I had no idea how to access the account, my mom drove me to the bank every time to deposit my checks. ATMs were a mystery to me.

At the end of high school, right before college, I also briefly tried selling Cutco knives. Can’t really remember how much this netted me, but it was probably a few hundred. If it says anything about how I thought about money during this time, I have no idea what happened to this money! My philosophy at that time was pretty much listen to mom, and the money she put into the checking account…she kept track of. I think it ended up being my starting point for buying books in college, but I really can’t say for sure.

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