The Early Years

Ages 1-13

During this time I remember washing dishes for my parents a few days a week and they would pay me $5 per week. At some point I had a decent amount saved where I blew my wad on a hot new Game Boy Color. Some time after that I had accrued another $100, I saved it all in a world bank shaped piggy bank.

Whenever I wanted to buy something with it, my mom would always ask “Are you sure?” I think this caused me so much doubt that I ended up not spending my money. Though it was technically “my” discretionary money to spend however I wished, I still felt it was my parents money at the end of the day and I felt I need to spend it on something my parents approved of. This caused me to be very conservative with money and I saved 90% of those earnings. I was also not very industrious in trying to attain more savings and was happy to maintain a balance of $100.

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